NFC Reader

The NFC Reader is specifically designed to complement existing access control devices, such as keypads, tag readers and fingerprint scanners. The NFC Reader allows the user to use their smart phone as their access control device, saving them from needing to carry tags or entering codes.

The NFC Reader communicates over NFC with an application installed on the user’s smart phone granting them access where they are allowed to enter. All communications between the reader and phone are encrypted using the latest encryption algorithms to provide high levels of security. Authentication happens in less than 200 milliseconds (0.2 seconds).

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•  Use smart phone for access control, no need for RF cards or PIN codes
•  Fast authentication (+- 0.2 seconds)
•  Works with iOS and Android Secured using AES encryption
•  Can control up to two access points
•  Small and compact
•  Offline (does not require connectivity)
•  Low power consumption (can be used at remote areas)


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