Gate Magic

The Gate Magic can typically be used for a house or small complex. The unit accommodates 1 entrance gate and 1 exit gate. The Gate Magic can be integrated with the Gate Controller unit. Camera integration can be done on the Gate Magic unit


Alternatively one of the gates can be used as a pedestrian gate for entry and exit. It makes use of tags, remotes and keypads, but no scanners. Visitors gain access by means of a unique pin code generated by the system

Feature Gate Magic Gate Controller
Relay Outputs 2 8
GSM Modem yes yes
SMS Notifications yes yes
Web-based Configuration yes yes
Keypad Connection yes yes
Remotes yes no
Tags yes no
Biometric (Fingerprint) Scanner no yes
ID/Driver’s License Scanner no yes
Ethernet Router no yes
Wi-Fi no yes
NFC no yes
Battery Backup no yes
Security Guard Scanners no yes
Camera integration yes yes
Contactless Access Control – Residents yes yes

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