2D Barcode & Passport Scanner

The size and shape of this high speed omnidirectional scanner makes it the perfect fixed mount. The PR-11 is known for its fast decoding and accurate passport reading

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• High speed, omnidirectional 2D – scans up to 120 fps

• Rapidly scans and decodes 1D and 2D barcodes, from both MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document) and from mobile device screens

• Incorporates an Opticon scan engine for improved scanning of low quality barcodes while providing exceptional motion tolerance for moving applications

• Smart design fits any desk, workspace or countertop

• Data editing program function captures up to 16 codes on multiple images simultaneously

• Ideal size for scanning different forms of identification

• Survives multiple 0.75 meter drops onto concrete

• Trigger modes: manual and auto-trigger

• Flexible cable outlet: 4 directions

• Communication interface: USB (HID, COM)

• Anti-microbial coating (white version)

• Available in black or white color

• Two year warranty


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