Mobile App for Residents

Booking Management

The management of visitors to the community is offered directly through the Mobile App for Residents offering pre-clearance as well as visitor access procedures with full identification through driver’s license and car license scanning.

Visitors can be pre-registered by hosts and security. All the pertinent details can be added ahead of time. Real-time welcome messages for visitors improves customer and host experience.

Contact/Mobile number

Access your current phone book.


Pre-book a delivery or a collection.


Hosting an event? Pre-book multiple visitors.


Planning ahead?  Book a future visitor or event.


Easily pre-book multiple entries for a regular visitor.

User Setup & Settings

Community Interaction and Integration

The application integrates with any community and each member of the community forms a vital part of the successful function and management of the community. This allows for successful Member Relationship Management.

Members can setup their profile based on Individual requirements including member photos, vehicles, notifications, locations and communication preferences.

We ensure that the Openitem Access Control application, are held to the highest standards for privacy, security, and content.

The application is available to download on all devices and associated app stores and galleries. This will result in time saving and decreased logistical management when residents enter or exit a secure area. This functionality complies with the health and safety protocols as instated by the Department of Health.

Delivery and Collections


The app allows users to specify a type of collection, in addition a function to approve and verify  goods removal.  Specify and describe the goods and upload a photo of the specific object and the guard will pre-clear the exit and removal of these goods.

Allocated time spent in the estate whilst performing the required task, entry and exit time, allows for safe and secure management of your delivery and collection.

In the case of a taxi or shuttle service, the specific driver will only have a certain time period in which to exit the estate prior to entering or passing access control initially.

  • Taxi/Uber/Shuttle
  • Package Delivery
  • Service
  • Goods removal

SOS Panic Button

Mobile Emergency

Access to a mobile emergency button can be provided to members of the community directly through the openitem mobile application.

Activation of the emergency button will inform selected family members and/or friends as well as the community security management. Information passed include the GPS location of the member at the time of his/her distress.

Touch-less & Remote Control

Easy access and exit to controlled access points.

This will result in time saving and decreased logistical management when residents enter or exit a secure area. This functionality complies with the health and safety protocols as instated by the Department of Health.


Close proximity of access points.


Access granted within proximity.


Scan pre-generated codes.

Help at the tap of a button

Need a hand? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you need to report an issue with a recent booking or just want some guidance on setting up and using your account, you can access 24-hour help directly through your Openitem app.


All your Support Messages will be available in the app when you log a query. Review any previous issues and messages received.


If you’ve experienced a problem, you can use the app to report it and get quick, helpful advice from the team.


Your first time using Openitem? You can go to Help and find out everything you need to know about a specific task.

Community Inbox & Messaging

Communication is key when managing a Community.

The openitem app provides a platform for quick and effective communication to its members via the user’s message inbox. Communication History allows logging and tracking activities based on user interaction and sharing vital information such as bookings, discussions, newsletters, events, documents and management directives.

View and update the status of tasks logged through the help-desk.


Log queries directly with your community manager and view and update the status.


Access important communication relevant to the estate and community.


Partake in events, discussions, and get the latest news.