In this 45 min Security Design Webinar, Estate Living brings together security design and operation specialist Rob Anderson, Tumelo Dietsiso from Servest Security, Danie Bruwer and Lodewyk Loubser from Wyobi technology leaders in access control.

We offer a Visitor Management System, to augment security and customer service. Ranging from access control via handheld scanners to full online visitor management, we are able to meet all of your business requirements. Openitem Access Control enables you to manage your community in one integrated state-of-the-art solution. You can rest assured that our solutions are designed with your community and safety in mind.

Servest Security
Security is more than just creating a barrier and controlling access. It’s a relationship that – at its best – so seamlessly integrates vast amounts of data that it almost seems not to exist. And that’s what we at Servest pride ourselves in – creating whole-view solutions for every aspect of your estate’s security.

Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson is a Professional Electrical Engineer with many years of experience in the consulting industry.

He has specialised in bringing sound professional engineering principles and innovative design and product use to the Security Industry since 1996. This has resulted in many interesting opportunities including the 2010 World Cup security and people counting system, which was then extended to the COP 17 bicycle hire system. The Cop 17 project won him an innovative design award from the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers.

As well as National Key Point and public open space security, he has made it his special interest to develop the Security model, including design, installation and management, for the secure estate industry. This has resulted in acquiring knowledge in not only the technical aspects of security but also in the area of urban design /management and the other less technical aspects of security design and management.

His career continues in the consulting electrical engineering field as well as the security field as an international consultant now based in the UK. An ongoing and varied career with many interests. Rob continues to engage with the industry and identify the next challenge.

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