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Security is Key. In today’s world, security and access management is a necessity.

A Visitor Management System, to augment security and customer service. Ranging from access control via handheld scanners to full online visitor management, we are able to meet all of your business requirements. Openitem Access Control enables you to manage your community in one integrated state-of-the-art solution. You can rest assured that our solutions are designed with your community and safety in mind.

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We have an estimated 150 estates using our mobile scanners, keypads, controllers, reporting and other technology, ranging from Residential Estates / Complexes, Corporate Office Parks, Industrial Depots/Warehouses, Tertiary Institutions, Lodges and Hotels.

Openitem Access Control application

160 Estates using our technology

Openitem Access Control application provides a range of required solutions to manage and augment security services.

This includes our mobile scanners, keypads, controllers, reporting or other technology.

The application integrates access control via handheld scanners and offers a full online visitor management system, meeting all your community management requirements successfully.

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