Openitem Access Control enables you to manage your community in one integrated state-of-the-art solution. You can rest assured that our solutions are designed with your community and safety in mind.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our app promo video. Showcasing some highlights of the openitem app and our Visitor Management System.

Application Showcase
Document Resources

Use the app as your full filing resource with personal folders, ERF folders, unit management, custom folders and general files.

Resident Manager

Manage your resident population easily from the online dashboard. See contact information, resident files, pets, cars, communication, roles, connections and more!

Tenant Manager

Manage your tenant population with lease management, profile expiration, notes, communication and file repositories.

Communication Portal

Receive tickets, news, documents and notifications from residents, set designated categories and manage ticket states, add notes and communicate to residents.

Touchless Access

The Openitem app has built in Bluetooth access, Biometric and QR access methods.

Visitor Access Control

Easily invite new visitors or companies to the estate with the Openitem access code types. Receive notifications on your visitors movements.

Staff Managment

Manage your working staffs schedule, access rights and management approval. See a time and attendance record and receive access alerts.

Asset Management

Residents can manage their garage in the app by adding their cars, boats and golf carts to the system. Management benefits from knowing who drives what.

Contractor Management

Create Projects, manage contractor companies and vetted workers in our easy to use Contractor utility.

Pet Management

Manage requests and approvals of pets in the property. Trace breed, colour, tag details, health information and more. Use the dashboard to search easily.

Emergency Contacts

Create Push2Call contact buttons in your application for residents in an emergency situation.

Panic Button

The app includes a panic button that can be linked to security officers on site. Once sounded the officer is alerted of your situation and details.

Daily Tasks made Easy

Resident Application

Take control of your Access, Visitors, Staff, Contractors, Pets, Files, Contacts and more, all from this app. The management of visitors to the community is offered directly through the Mobile App offering pre-clearance as well as visitor access procedures with full identification through driver’s license and car license scanning.

Visitors can be pre-registered by hosts and security. All the pertinent details can be added ahead of time. Real-time welcome messages for visitors improves customer and host experience. Managing and pre-booking your visitors according to their type has never been easier.

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Change is inevitable

Software & App Updates

Openitem Access Control enables you to manage your community in one integrated state-of-the-art solution. You can rest assured that our solutions are designed with your community and safety in mind.

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Biometric Facial ID Recognition

Biometric FACE ID RECOGNITION function is available to assist with easy, quick, safe and reliable access and exit to controlled access…

Contactless/Touchless Bluetooth Remote-Control

Bluetooth Remote-Control

Assisting residents and management with easy, quick, reliable and convenient access and exit to controlled access points. No need to roll…

Short Term Rentals

Our SHORT-TERM RENTAL workflow function is now available to assist check-in points with easy, quick, safe and reliable control of visitors…

Automated Access for Golfers

Clubmaster, communication via the App or SMS system confirming tee times and any other relevant information.

Realtime Dual Channel Redundancy

Unstable power supplies and electricity is causing massive disruptions. This is unfortunately also affecting mobile networks and users are…

Access Control on Boarding

Prospective users can on-board via the scan of their various identification documents including driver’s license, ZAR passport, green ID…